Pledge to Come “Out With It”

Pledge to come out with it and bring intimate partner violence, domestic violence and sexual abuse to an end in the LGBTQ community.

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LGBTQ  Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse

Due to stigma, which results in gross underreporting, clear statistics are difficult to find on LGBTQ domestic violence and sexual abuse. Some LGBTQ leaders and activists we have interviewed have stated that the LGBTQ community has a hard time admitting this exists in our population, as it perpetuates a negative image, that it’s one more thing that “those” people have against them.

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This is an outreach program called Do You Know Patty?, which is loosely based on the AL-ANON process of being able to discreetly ask someone if they are in a abusive relationship. Do You Know Patty is direct verbiage that someone can use to let the victim know that they can and will be their ally. It allows someone to be as involved as is comfortable for them.

Out With It Day Proclamation!

out-with-it-dayWe are so very, very excited and thankful to the San Diego County Mayor’s office for declaring today, October 30, 2015, Out With It Day! With the holidays descending, we know that statistically this is the toughest time for survivors to leave their abusers because they feel isolated and cut off from everything else. So for that reason and many many more today, is your day. You can begin to share your stories. You can begin to heal knowing that you have help available and you are not alone. This is your day. October 30th 2015 is your day. Out With It Day.#OutWithIt #DoYouKnowPatty

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