DKYP black background#DoYouKnowPatty is the PSA campaign launched by the non-profit Out With It. Seeking to build a language for bystanders witnessing LGBTQ Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Abuse to reach out to victims, #DoYouKnowPatty seeks to break the stigma associated with the LGBTQ occurrences of DV, IPV, and SA.

Long held is the secret that this happens in the LGBTQ community, and long overdue is the language that takes away the weight a victim feels without allies and support. It is the hope of the Out With it campaign to remove the secret, bring the subject into the open, and refer victims from all sides to the help they need with a comprehensive referral web site, pointing to services near then that are trained in and understand the specific needs of the LGBTQ community.

We encourage your support of this campaign by becoming a sponsor, insuring that these PSA’s reach into the clubs, cities, and homes that need them. We can not do it without you.

For sponsor opportunities please contact us at