It has been one year since my abuser Tomas Negron Jr. Physically attacked me at a Black Lives Matter event. After he was chased off by two black women heroes, I tried to continue setting up and regrouping to talk about the Mackey Cua Project in SD. May Fu who was organizing the event saw how upset I was, I didn’t tell her what happened but she knew something was up. She introduced me to Alicia Garza who was the guest speaker and let her know I had to leave to take care of myself. Alicia had no idea what had just happened to me, she didn’t even know me , but she said “always take care of yourself and step back with no shame.” I called my friend Will and Tiana and after calming down, I decided to go to the Asterisk Conference. I didn’t tell anyone what else what happened. I was surrounded by an eminence amount of love and support just being in the presence of my trans siblings. Joanna (pictured left) and Bamby provided support I will never forget, thank you forever. I’ve had a lot of friends and family support me this past year. It’s not easy leaving someone you love even when they’re not healthy for you. This has been a really hard year but a year of a lot of growth, learning and unlearning. I needed to go back this weekend, to validate how strong I am, how strong I was. I needed to be around the unfailing love of my community. I will never forget the folks who have helped me reclaim my space, set up boundaries, unlearn negative doubts and feelings, put my house together, hold space, give me hugs and give me another chance at so many things. Kindness and love, even in the simplest amounts cause lasting ripples that change course, keep you steady, hold you firmly. My heart is full y’all. And in this moment I am not bound by any chains of hate and resentment.

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survivor pic

on the left my friend makes a kiss face towards me, they wear an amazing black strap top with hoop earrings and on point make up. On the left I have short hair with lines shaved in, and my hand holding my chin up and wearing a white top with a satin black bow.