If the secret gets out, it won’t be a secret anymore, and it loses it’s power over you.

That’s the aim of the Out With It program. Admission that domestic and sexual violence are just as prevalent in our LGBTQ relationships as that of our straight allies, has proven to be a whisper amongst other major LGBTQ social campaigns. It’s a dirty secret that we would rather hide, as to not bring any negative attention to our community, especially when the equal rights movement is making such great strides.

But with the success of the No More campaign, and it’s wonderful expressions of resolve, and sorrow, the focus is on the mainstream population, not on the dynamics of LGBTQ relationships, and how resources, and attitudes are very different.

Out With It aims to make it ok to ask if someone needs help, ask if someone is struggling, mention the bruises, the missed appointments, the sadness, what ever your friends or family members might see, but be too fearful to mention. Come Out With It, and speak up. Isolation in our community is already a real issue for some, but add fear of losing your job from being outted by an abusive partner, threat of losing children, or losing status, lack of understanding from Hospitals, Police Departments, Court Systems, and neighbors, and fear of being ridiculed by your peers for not standing up for yourself, these physiological scars prevent many from seeking help on their own. Not to mention that the prevalence of substance abuse ranks higher with abuse victims, causing even more distance between suffering and help.

But you can be the difference by saying, “out with it”, “tell me what’s going on”.

And with the help of a national web site that refers back to individual community resources for support, the silence is broken again, and an arm of strength is lowered to help someone out of a long, and often deadly, spiral.

Out With It was founded by Nick Walker and Melanie Peters, members of the music/comedy duo, Nick and Mel (https://www.facebook.com/NickAndMelMusic). What started as a local LGBTQ version of the NO MORE campaign in December 2014, quickly turned into a calling for Nick and Melanie to produce messages specifically for the LGBTQ community. With sponsors climbing aboard quickly, helping to spread the message of coming “Out With It”, it is our hope that this campaign reaches each and every member of the LGBTQ community in the nation, and better, in the world.

“Out With It” is under the fiscal agency of ICSD which allows us to receive tax deductible donations.