A Survivor’s Story

It has been one year since my abuser Tomas Negron Jr. Physically attacked me at a Black Lives Matter event. After he was chased off by two black women heroes, I tried to continue setting up and regrouping to talk about the Mackey Cua Project in SD. May Fu who was organizing the event saw […]

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September 13th, Queer Queens of Qomedy support Out With It

September 13th, Poppy Champlin brings her troupe of comedy legends to San Diego!

Poppy Champlin is pulling out all the stops and putting together a cavalcade of comedy – with
– Vickie Shaw Comedian
– Karen Williams, Comic
– Mimi Gonzalez
– Jennie McNulty
– Nick & Mel
for an All-Star Comedy Show!
Tickets at Brownpaper tickets ..

Come see the comedians from the […]

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#DoYouKnowPatty PSA’s have launched online

#DoYouKnowPatty is the PSA campaign launched by the non-profit Out With It. Seeking to build a language for bystanders witnessing LGBTQ Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Abuse to reach out to victims, #DoYouKnowPatty seeks to break the stigma associated with the LGBTQ occurrences of DV, IPV, and SA.

Long held is the secret that this happens in […]

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