ABOUT OUR ORGANIZATION: Out With It is a national LGBTQ centered campaign supporting a message to end domestic violence and sexual violence through open conversations in the LGBTQ population.

Established in 2014 the goal of Out With It is trifold.

  1. To raise awareness in the LGBTQ community that domestic violence and sexual abuse are indeed serious issues in the LGBTQ community, and to begin to erode the shame and stigma that surround it. Carefully crafted PSA’s, including the “Do you know Patty?” campaign, and interviews with LGBTQ celebrities, political and social leaders on the issues are designed to awaken the LGBTQ population to these issues. “Do You Know Patty” is direct verbiage that someone can use to let the victim know that they can and will be their ally.
  1. To align with other LGBTQ organizations in the USA to include training and programs in their organizations and the populations they serve, teaching the message that we can and will talk about this subject.
  1. To direct visitors to the OutWithIt.org and DoYouKnowPatty.com sites to resources available in their local communities, and to establish a vetting service for local communities that can be used to insure services and providers are qualified in the LGBTQ arena.